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Healthcare & Benefits in the Valencia Region of Spain.

If you are a visitor to Spain from the EU, you will need to show your EHIC and Passport when applying for emergency medical treatment.

The rules have changed yet again on what healthcare and benefits are available for UK nationals who are resident in Spain. Please note that the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not included in the UK.

A brief summary of Healthcare Entitlement

You may be eligible for healthcare if you meet any of the following requirements, but please see the website below for full information.

  • Registered for work in Spain and paying national insurance contributions.
  • Registered as a resident before 24 April 2012.
  • In receipt of UK state pension or sickness benefit.
  • If you are coming to or studying in Spain as part of a UK recognized course.
  • If you purchase Public Health Insurance (Convenio Especial).

For the latest information on healthcare please check the UK Government website :- Healthcare in Spain

The EHIC - European Health Insurance Card replaced the old E111 in 2006.
It is not an alternative to travel insurance.

UK nationals who are resident in Spain need to have an EHIC card if they intend to travel on holiday in ‘europe’ including the UK – this is especially true if they decide not to take out travel insurance.

You still need Travel Insurance because the EHIC is only meant for emergency medical treatment and such like, and the card will not cover any transportation home (repatriation) or expenses for relatives, accommodation costs etc. should an emergency occur.

It is also important to remember that treatment covered will be the same as that received by locals, which can vary among EU member states and you may be required to pay the full price for any medication prescribed.

The UK NHS website also gives a full explanation of the EHIC card:-
EHIC an Explanation. UK nationals resident in Spain should apply for an EHIC by contacting the overseas Healthcare Team 0044 191 218 1999

Other Benefits whilst living in Spain

Please click on the following link for information:- Attendance Allowance

As often happens, these website links are subject to change – please send feedback to HELP if you notice a problem.