To download a volunteer's form and notes please click here.

We are always looking for people who are willing to give their time in a variety of ways.

For example, we need volunteers to:
Work in our charity shops, office or equipment store,
Support our Hospital Help desk or be Hospital Visitors,
Assist in our Activity Centre,
Be drivers to help with medical visits, etc,
Visit frail or isolated individuals living alone and provide social contact and support,
Organise or help at various fundraising events held throughout the year.

Please note:
Anyone wishing to join as a volunteer hospital interpreter will need to be assessed on their language skills by Help before acceptance.

If you are a volunteer for any “Help” services other than Transport, the cost of travelling is at the volunteer’s expense.

Volunteers who are asked to make contact with people requesting help are in a privileged position and should remember that any information relating to the person being helped MUST be treated in the strictest confidence at all times.

Information should be shared only within “HELP” when necessary to maintain a reliable service, and should never be discussed with anyone outside “HELP”.